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Please watch this video about the temporary changes

This has certainly been a crazy time. There has been so much uncertainty about the effects of Covid-19 on the human body, but also on our lives.

For much of our clientele, massage therapy is the only salvation from daily pain and the nearly three months of our closure has been devastating. I was hoping to open in Phase 2, with other Professional Businesses. As it turns out, New York State did not recognize massage’s importance. I am not even sure if it will be included in Phase 3 with Personal Care, but I am going to make the assumption that it will be.

In order to be prepared, I am opening the schedule for appointments starting to June 15th. You can begin scheduling NOW! Click here to go to our booking page.

As I say in the video above, not every massage therapist is going to be available when we open. Several members of the staff have personal or professional reasons for not returning at this time. Starting on the 15th of June, the therapists available will be:

As we get up to speed and more clients return, more staff members will return. If you have any questions about staff, please email me at christopher@integrativemassageassociates.com

Additionally, there are some changes coming that are laid out in the video:

  • The door to the office will be locked at all times. You will text us your name and vehicle information when you arrive and we will text you when it it time to come in.
  • There will be no waiting room. All aspects of your visit will be conducted in the treatment room. Check-in, interview, massage, check-out and rebook. Then your therapist will escort you out.
  • All massages will be shortened by five minutes in order to allow ample time for the therapists to sanitize and prepare the room for the next client.
  • We are implementing a no-show/cancellation policy. If you do not notify us in a timely manner of cancelling, you will be charged for your visit. Emergencies and extraordinary circumstances will be taken into account, of course.
  • Pre-paid massage packages are unavailable for use for the first two weeks we are open. This is due to the fact that business has effectively zero capital right now. My concern is that too many package clients could come in initially and there would not be enough cash-flow to cover payroll. If you have a package, you can still come in. You would just need to pay for that visit or prepurchase you next package.

Any questions or concerns about these new policies should be directed to me at christopher@integrativemassageassociates.com or call me at 315-552-0552.

As for PPE and other safety requirements, I do not have any specific information at this time. I am waiting for guidance from my trade organization and NYS. Once that information is available, I will pass it along.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone really soon.

Christopher Hess, LMT
Integrative Massage Associates
Camillus Massage Therapy, P.C.

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