About Us


Integrative Massage Associates stands apart from most massage offices in that it puts the focus on physical well-being above aesthetic appeal or shared services. We are not a wellness center looking to coerce you into several varied holistic services, nor are we a spa or salon in which beauty comes before pain management or athletic performance.  People come to Integrative Massage Associates to feel better, physically and emotionally.

Integrative Massage Associates is owned and operated by Christopher Hess, LMT. He has brought together a group of very talented Licensed Massage Therapists with varied approaches to soft tissue manipulation. We use an integrated approach to address the individual needs of our clients.  Whether you have been injured in a car accident, suffer from chronic migraines, or are an aspiring triathlete, we will design a treatment plan to suit your specific needs..


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Christopher Hess, LMT Massage by Chris

Sarah Jones, LMT     Deep Tissue, Integrated, Swedish, Pregnancy, Fertility

Rebekah Waldo, LMT     Deep Tissue, Integrated, Swedish, Pregnancy

Stephen Mitchell, LMT     Deep Tissue, Integrated

Ashley Cico, LMT     Deep Tissue, Integrated, Swedish, Pregnancy

Ricky Rainone, LMT     Deep Tissue, Integrated, Swedish

Joseph Lauricella, LMT    Deep Tissue, Integrated, Swedish

Christopher Hess, LMT:

If you are interested in contacting our owner, please reach him at [email protected]