At Integrative Massage Associates, our goal is to provide those services our clients need to feel better without diluting the process with unneeded frill. In our office, you should expect to receive a massage of exceptional quality. You should not expect to find hot stones, paraffin dip, microderm abrasion or other facial services.

Our goal is to work the issues that ail you. Nothing more, nothing less.

We also do not scale the cost of our services. In other words, a swedish massage has the same cost as an orthopedic massage. It makes no difference whether you are coming for stress reduction or athletic recovery, our goal is to satisfy your needs, not gouge you for providing deeper work.

You will find our rates are slightly lower than the industry standard. We feel that massage therapy should be a holistic treatment and health remedy that is affordable for someone on any budget.

Massage Rates

30 minutes – $50
45 minutes – $65
60 minutes – $80
90 minutes – $110
120 minutes- $140

Couples Massage Rates

60 minutes – $150
90 minutes – $200

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